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Ultimate Burn Machine 12lb Speed Bag – Shakeweight for men, or new tool for champions?

Ultimate Burn Machine Speed bag Review Pictures (11)
Ultimate Burn Machine Speed bag Review Pictures (11)
Ultimate Burn Machine Speed bag Review Pictures (11)


Website:: TheBurnMachine.com
Description:: With the same features and benefits as eight-pound unit, the Burn Machine SB-12 offers more challenging weight resistance. This model is designed for those who have experience with lifting weights or for those participating in sports that require an elite level of upper-body endurance. The 12 pounds of weight combined with the mechanics of the exercise produce an intense workout for all users. This model offers the buyer a challenging and unique workout already experienced by many of the world's most elite professional athletes. The Burn Machine SB-12 comes with the Train Like A Boss workout DVD.
Price:: $149.00 for the 12lb'er.

Looks & Style:

Quality & Craftsmanship:


Total Score
8.7/ 10

User Rating
106 total ratings



+Convenient to workout with (on the couch during movies, or waiting in the lobby of a Call of Duty round)
+A handful of different exercises
+Provides a worthy arm, forearm, chest, upper back, and shoulder workout
+Implementable into circuit style training
+Mobile, easy to carry around
+Sturdy design
+Great for HIIT workouts +Perfect for people needing a tabata routine for their arms/shoulders


-After a while the BMSB starts to brush out black flakes. The metal grinds and pumps out flakes.

Bottom Line

A glorified shakeweight for men or an actual shoulder and arm burning sensation waiting to sweep America’s athletes?

Posted November 25, 2012 by

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Features, Pricing, and Reason for Buying:

The Ultimate Burn Machine Speed Bag (BMSB) was advice that sat at the back of my mind, stewing in interest since I witnessed Anderson Silva and Brock Lesnar use it (which is funny, because at the time Brock took a beatin from Carwin and Silva from Chael). Being wary of the possible plug by MMA superstars, and understanding the potential for the BMSB being a gimmick, I held out on buying this product for a few months. Nonetheless, over the months of it being brought up on MMA forums, the product slowly work it’s way to seeming like it was a full blown, need-to-have-for-your-workout tool. And with Burn Machine (BM) offering a Labor Day discount, I knew that if I wasn going to buy it then I’d need to move now. Thus, for Labor Day Weekend, BM offered their Speed Bags at a discount of around 35% off. With standard UPS Ground shipping being $20, the total came out to $135.54 USD for their Pro 12lb’er.

Building my home gym, I figured instead of purchasing a speed bag, the platform, and then setting it up, I could just buy the BMSB.

Speedbag $50 + Platform $300 + Shipping $40= $390 if you bought the cheapest Ringside materials
Burn Machine Speedbag Pro: $170
However, they’re different devices. BMSBP does not equal the speedbag hanging at my boxing gym.

Initial Impressions:

The SB shipped in a slim box and includes a DVD, a company-product brochure, a poster detailing different SB workouts. Upon opening, the SB is very sleek and pretty to look at with it’s shiny metal and tough looking handle bars. The device doesn’t look menacing at all, and I imagine if you’ve never seen it in action, you wouldn’t be able to figure out it’s main workout. Nonetheless, I tried it out as soon as I opened the box, and I had an absolute blast. It’s so easy to get a good workout in your arms and shoulders: you just pick it up and spin! No need to put on gloves, go to the garage, and work the bag: you have a workout right here!

Fit & Feel:

The BMSP is a SOLID product. The metal is sturdy, the handles have a nice grip to them, and the bolts look like they’ll take the beating. I wouldn’t be afraid if I dropped this thing on my concrete garage floor, and that says a lot for a 12lb device with moving parts. Essentially, this quality of metal and engineering is why the SP costs so much: you’re getting what you paid for.

Does it Actually Implement Into Your Workout?

  • Muscle Endurance and explosive endurance
  • Good warm-up
  • Perfect for tabata rounds
  • Lazy Man’s Call of Duty “Waiting-In-The-Lobby-Waiting-To-Join-A-Game” Workout
  • Does not replace bag work
  • If you buy into the “hitting heavy bags slows you down” then this is another tool to your limited tool kit
  • Does not develop the proper range of motion. Does not extend the elbow. Does not retract back to your face.
  • Does build upon your arm and shoulder endurance.

Which One Should I Get?

I’m 5’9 148-158 lbs, depending on which conditioning phase I’m in. I bought the 12lb’er and I’m happy with it. It burns my shoulders well, puts the fire in my arms, and makes my teeth grit. But even through all the pain I can still work intervals at a great pace for a good amount of time. Where the 8lb’er will eventually get too light, 12lbs to me is future proof.  I may be a smaller guy, but I think the 12lb is perfect for MMA athletes.

Is it Worth the Cash?

Like all things in life: it depends. The ultimate question I found myself asking wasn’t if the Burn Machine Speed Bag is unique, or if it burns, or if it actually develops fight-relative muscles and muscle memory. The key question boils down to: is it worth it? Is something that works an isolated set of muscles worth $120+? And that answer is… it depends. Because, honestly, I love the device, but I can’t recommend it to everyone. It’s convenient, takes only a minute to burn out with, works fight relative muscles, and is just fun to mess around with in general, but if you’re on a budget, then there is absolutely no reason to go out of your way to purchase this. I don’t find myself using this often as my program is already limited: there’s just no room for messing around on this thing often enough to get my money’s worth at the moment. But I think once my coach gets a better feel for it he’ll learn how to implement it in my regimen.

Nonetheless, I don’t regret purchasing this. The workout is different from the hours I’ve spent during weighted shadowboxing sessions or pounding a heavy bag. And for that reason alone I may recommend the BMSB to anyone in the market for a unique convenient arm, shoulder, grip, endurance/explosive workout with a higher level of resistence and controlled breathing.

However, the price is just… a lot. For the price of one 12lb BMSB, you can purchase a 100lb Thai bag from Title SHIPPED. I can’t recommend the BMSB to everyone: the price to workout ratio just isn’t high enough. However, anyone looking for a change of pace in their upper body workout who is willing to spend the cash, then the BMSB is a fun, effective alternative to bag workouts and weighted shadow boxing.

Closing Comments:

Scoring the SB presents quite the conundrum. It’s convenient, built really well, and is innovative, but it’s still only an above average device that is excessive in price. And while $140+ won’t break the bank for some, that money is better spent on an excellent pair of gloves, a thai bag, a few months membership at the gym, or an entire set of training gear. It’s as if all the good stuff is counter-balanced by the bad. If you have money to play with and you live gym equipment then snag this device. Otherwise, you’ll live just fine without it. If you’re looking for something to zest up your HIIT workouts, then this is perfect.


Assistant instructor in Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Keysi Fight Method, and Mixed Martial Arts. Competing in MMA and BJJ tournaments in Arizona.


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